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This part of the web site is dedicated to all the stuff yours truly or other people (the fans) create as homage to our shows. Just send it to me, and I'll post it! Please, I'm desperate! But, please, at least skim over the Submission Guidelines. Things may be sent to


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  • The Perfect Birthday GiftA cute little Digimon/Crono Cross crossover. Yolei is looking for the perfect birthday gift for Ken. Alanna wrote this in about an hour, but it's surprisingly coherent (especially given what she normally writes...)
  • Darkest Before Dawn: A Digimon/Sailor Moon crossover. A mysterious enemy starts to menace the DigiDestined and an equaly mysterious (and very strange) young woman seems to know all about it. Not bad, if you get over the weird crossover idea.
    • Part 1: Darkness Falls: 6 months after MaloMyotismon is defeated, the DigiDestined face a new strange foe.
    • Part 2: Lunar Night: T.K. and Kari journey to a new world to get help, while the other DigiDestined hold down the fort.
    • Part 3: Kindness's Dawn: The thrilling conclusion. Part 2 was a real cliffhanger, so see how the DigiDestined and Sailor Scouts triumph over the forces of evil.
    • Outtakes!In the tradition of Toy Story 2, here are simulated outtakes for your reading enjoyment.
  • The Emperor's Folly: A short play about the Digimon Emperor versus Shakespeare's Twelfth Night's Maria (as a twelve-year-old DigiDestined, no less). The best part is that this was Erato's class assignment and the teacher thought she made everything up.
Disclaimer: None of us own anything relating to Digimon, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, or other things posted here, excluding the plots and several original characters. And Willaim Shakespeare's works are in the public domain, so there!

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