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Okay, unless you've been living under a rock(on Mars, with your eyes closed and your fingers stuck in your ears...) you know what Pokemon is, even if you avoid the show like the plague. But then, why would you be here? Okay, I'll shut up now and talk about the show.


Pokemon was originally a video game RPG released several years ago (and still going!). When I first read about it (even before it was released in Japan), I thought it was a medioche RPG with a stupid gimmick (the fact some monsters could only be found on one of the games) to sell more games. I thought it would never be released in the U.S. I guess I can't see the future, huh?

Anyways the video game (or games) spawned sequals, spin-offs (Pokemon Puzzle League, anyone?), a television show, movies, comics, a card game, and enough Pikachu-based mechandise to fill a swimming pool.


Join 10 year old (at least that's how old he was at the begining of the show) Ash Ketchum as he seeks to become a Pokemon Master, mainly through blind luck, stubborness, and the fact Pokemon seem to like him, and Pikachu, a small rodent that packs a whallop and can communicate a lot through a string of "pika"s and "chu"s and body language.

Pokemon for Beginners

Okay, there are 251 (and counting...) kinds of Pokemon. Each has one or two elemental types, a variety of attacks, and the ability to (sometimes) 'evolve' into new, more powerful (and usually less cute...) Pokemon. I've heard it described like a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, except with 17 different types.


  • Character Bios: A complete (with pictures!) guide to all of the major characters and several of the reoccuring characters. Includes a list of who has what Pokemon.
  • Episode Guide: An (incomplete) guide to episodes (duh!). Don't worry if you've missed one, only about 50% of the Pokemon episodes ever come up again (though, with my luck, I'll miss all of those episodes...)
  • The Movies: Well, they're larger than the show (literally and figurativly speaking), but are they any good?
  • Merchandise: See the games that started it a little bit about the card game.