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  • More fanfiction than you can shake a Moon Scepter at. Some of my stuff is posted there, too, under the name Becca Stareyes.
  • Guardians of Order These people make great RPGs, like Tenchi Muyo and Sailor Moon, and also the generically anime Big Eyes, Small Mouth game.
  • Prodigious! A Digimon episode guide and screenshot archive. I've never seen so many screenshots in my life.

Non Anime Links

Just some quirky stuff I found
Multiverse High
8-Bit TheaterAstronomy Domine
  • Erato's Little Corner of Parnassus This is another friend's site. Erato's pretty weird (correction: she's very weird), but she did put a link to my site on her site, so I felt I should reciprocate.
  • Kathylia's Page Another friend's site with some of her original fiction and Star Wras fanfic on it.
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