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About Me!

It's a self portrait.Stareyes, my online alter-ego.
A Self-PortraitMy Online Alter-Ago, Stareyes
Me at the Harry Potter Premiere
Yours truly at the Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone premiere. I'm Cho Chang and I'm wearing Quidditch robes.
Real Name:Rebecca H.
Answers To:Rebecca, Becca, Stareyes, Digimon Empress (don't ask), Becky, Dr. Anderson (don't ask), Melody, CorSec (another nickname best not to ask about), Star Trek Sissy Girl (But if you call me that, I'll be forced to sic my Mew on you)
AIM Screen Name:StareyesDolphin Pen NameBecca Stareyes
Age:None of your business.
Location:I live in the city with the highest percentage of crazy otaku high-schoolers.

My Favorites:
DigimonPokemonSailor MoonTenchi
Character (male):KenTracyMelvin!Tenchi
Character (female):KariMistyHotaruWashu
Character (non-humanoid):WormmonMeowthLunaRyo-ohki
Couple:Ken/YoleiCan't think of oneAmy/GregTenchi/Ryoko
Villain:The Digimon EmperorJessie and JamesAlan and AnneI didn't really like any of the villains

My Adoptions

Non Anime Hobbies
Reading science-fiction and fantasy novels, astronomy, watching Star Trek and Stargate SG-1, role-playing, video games (check out some of my fan works at, in the flukes section (under the pen name Stareyes)),'hanging out' with friends, the usual.