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Most people think of Sailor Moon as a girl's show, and that is how it is marketed (look at the merchandise...dolls and etc.). But people of both genders can enjoy its character deveolpment and its comic absurdity.


Serena is just an 'ordinary' (okay, she's a compulsively late romantic with a dislike for school and a love of anything sweet. Still, I know people like this.) girl who is told (by a talking cat, no less) that she is the reincarnation of a magical Princess of the Moon, and she and her friends (more reincarnations) must protect Earth and its people from various supernatural entities bent on evil, all while trying to be normal kids.

Sailor Moon for Beginners

Okay (ever notice how I begin a lot of my lectures with 'okay'? Look around. See what I mean?) each 'Sailor Scout' is affiliated with a planet (or the Moon), of which she was princess of in her last life. There is no Scout affiliated with Earth because the 'princess' was a prince (Darien/Tuxedo Mask). Each scout also has an elemental power usually related to the planet's associated mythology (Mars-fire, Neptune-water, Venus-love, etc.). For reasons having to do with their element (death/life and the soul), Saliors Saturn and Moon are arguably the most powerful.


  • Character Bios: Just in case you started watching in the middle of a season, and you don't know who the heck is Sailor Uranus. Plus, you get to listen to me rant about magical girls.
  • Sailor Moon RPG: For every person who has ever wanted to be a Sailor Scout (or a villian, for that matter), or for all those people who want to run a parody of it. Fun for everyone with large imaginations.