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Note: Most of time I hear last names used, they are the same as the Japanese version. However, Amy has been reffered to by two different last names (Mizuno and Anderson). I will list both, but I thought you should know. In addition, some scouts never give their last name, but I'll list the Japanese family name anyways.

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Sailor Moon

Serena Tsukino

A unlikely superhero, but a likely magical girl
English Name:Serena Tsukino
Japanese Name:Tsukino Usagi
Birthday:June 30
Height:4'11" (148 cm)
Blood Type:O-
Hobbies:Eating, sleeping, shopping, video games
Favorite Color:White
Favorite Food:Ice Cream
Least Favorite Food:Carrots
Favorite Subject:Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject:Math
Goal:To marry Darien

Serena is a typical anime magical girl: none too bright in school, both compulsivly late and concerned about being on-time, a die-hard romantic, with a good heart. Her best subjects are "eating and sleeping" (with reading comic books and guy-watching coming in a close third and fourth), and her ditzy demeanor (and distinctive hairstyle) earned her the nickname "meatball-head".

Sailor Moon is one of the most-powerful Sailor Scouts (though a case can be made for Sailor Saturn), especially given her 'element' is the soul. She is usually the one who kills the monsters/villain, usually with the 'Moon-Related-Item-Of-The-Season' (MRITOTS). The MRITOTS only appears when Sailor Moon needs it (except for her tiara, which stays on her head). Apparently Sailor Moon has a extra dimension sewn into her boot, because I don't see where else she could hide anything. She also has the Imperium Silver Crystal, a source of power and healing, in her brooch.

Serena gats along well with the other Sailor Scouts, despite fights with Raye. She is dating Darien (something that, if I were her parents, I'd have major problems with: Darien's in college and Serena's just entering high school. To quote my friend, it's like having her [younger] sister dating her ex-boyfriend.). Obviously, their relationship lasts, because cute but mysterious little Rini is revealed to be Serena and Darien's daughter from the future.

Here's something I've never been able to figure out: Serena is a blonde with a unique hairstyle. How many of these are there in Tokyo? Shouldn't the villains be able to figure out who Sailor Moon is? I know Serena is an unlikely superhero, but this is ridiculous. (it's Sailor Moon Syndrome (SMS)! Just another of the fun and useful character complexes (like Tenchi Syndrome)) Unless thousands of Sailor Moon fans bleach their hair and spend hours trying to get it into the meatball 'do...


Sailor Mercury

Amy Anderson/Mizuno

The brains behind the Sailor Scouts
English Name:Amy Anderson/Mizuno (both names are given for her)
Japanese Name:Mizuno Ami
Birthday:September 10
Height:5'2" (155 cm)
Blood Type:A
Hobbies:Chess, computers, reading, studying
Favorite Color:Aquamarine (blue)
Favorite Food:Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food:Tuna (Hamachi)
Favorite Subject:Math
Least Favorite Subject:None
Goal:To be a doctor

Amy is a smart, kind of quiet person. She also seems to be rather agreeable. She is one of Serena's closer friends, though this is mostly due to "Scout business". When not saving the world, she can be found studying, swimming, and/or helping the other Scouts (*cough* Serena...) with homework. Someday, she plans on being a doctor.

Amy is Sailor Mercury, the first Scout located by Serena and Luna. At first, Luna believed she was working for the Negaverse, but investigation showed she was just caught up in a plot.

Besides the standard Scout abilities (transformation, attacks, etc.), Sailor Mercury carries a minicomputer and VR goggles, to assist with analysis and tactics. He element is Water/Ice.She is usually the one who urges caution, as well as the one (besides Luna)who usually ends up explaining things.


Sailor Mars

Raye Hino

Serena's foil, and the one who keeps her from getting too annoying
English Name:Raye Hino
Japanese Name:Hino Rei
Birthday:April 17
Height:5'3" (158 cm)
Blood Type:AB
Hobbies:Fortune telling, manga, studying
Favorite Color:Red and Black
Favorite Food:Blowfish (fugu)
Least Favorite Food:Canned Asparagus
Favorite Subject:Ancient Literature
Least Favorite Subject:Modern Social Studies
Goal:To become a head priestess, model, singer and voice actress

Raye is the one most likely to blow up when Serena acts stupid, or ditzy, or...well, you get the idea. Raye does have a short temper, but she really does consider Serena a friend. I'd consider Serena, Raye and Amy the closest set of the inner Sailor Scouts (Note: I'm not saying Mina and Lita aren't their friends, but those three were the first to work together, so, especcially in the first season, their bond is especcially close.) Her hobbies are music and comic books.

Raye grew up training at her grandfather's temple, so she has a pretty good insight of the supernatural. On occassion, she has had visions, which is always useful.

As Sailor Mars, her element is fire. She also tends to be one of the more reckless Scouts (not as bad as Sailor Jupiter, though).


Sailor Jupiter

Lita Kino

The tough one, and the one who brings treats to the meetings
English Name:Lita Kino
Japanese Name:Kino Makoto
Birthday:December 5
Height:5'6" (165 cm)
Blood Type:O
Hobbies:Cooking, boys
Favorite Color:Green and sugar-pink
Favorite Food:Cherry pie, meatloaf
Least Favorite Food:None
Favorite Subject:Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject:Physics
Goal:To own a bakery/restaurant/flower shop

Lita is really a pretty nice person, though she isn't afraid to pick a fight. She's unusually tall and in good physical shape, so it's not like she loses often. She also really likes to cook, and wants to open up a restaurant someday.

Lita goes to the same school as Serena and Amy, though her school uniform is different. It seems she was unable to get one in her size.

As Sailor Jupiter, Lita's element is Lightning. Her physical fitness also pays off, despite the 'magical' nature of combat.


Sailor Venus

Mina Aino

The original Sailor Scout (says her!) and the nice one
English Name:Mina Aino
Japanese Name:Aino Minako
Birthday:October 22
Height:5'0" (150 cm)
Blood Type:B
Hobbies:Shopping, acting, chasing idols, video games, modeling
Favorite Color:Red and yellow
Favorite Food:Spagetti
Least Favorite Food:Shiitake mushrooms
Favorite Subject:Gym
Least Favorite Subject:Everything else
Goal:To become an idol
Mina is one of the 'nice' ones. She is pleasant to be around, despite the fact she was the last of the Inner Sailor Scouts to join up. She is good at sports, especcially volleyball.

Mina, as Sailor Venus, is actually the first Scout to realize her powers. Under the tutilage of Artemis, she was the masked crimefighter Sailor V. She even got video games and movies made about her (Serena was a big fan). However, threats to Earth took precidence over petty crime, so Sailor V became Sailor Venus.

Sailor Venus's element is Love (aww...). Sailor Venus also has the advantage in that she looks the most like Sailor Moon. This comes in handy, when the Scouts need to convince the villains Serena is not Sailor Moon.


Sailor Pluto

Trista Meioh

Guarding the Gates of Time, a thankless job with no overtime
English Name:Trista Meioh
Japanese Name:Meioh Setsuna
Birthday:October 29
Height:5'6" (165 cm)
Blood Type:A
Hobbies:Shopping, guarding the Gates of Time, watching out for Rini
Favorite Color:Dark red
Favorite Food:Green Tea
Least Favorite Food:Eggplant
Favorite Subject:Physics
Least Favorite Subject:Music
Goal:To be a fashoin designer

Trista is Sailor Pluto, Guardian of the Gates of Time. This job involves long hours, no vacation, and no sick leave. It's a thankless job.

Sailor Pluto takes a protective role towards Rini when she travels back in time. She also seems to know the Outer Scouts (Uranus and Neptune) well, and often works with them.

Pluto's element is Time, and she has some control over it, granted by her post. She carries a 5-foot long "Garnet Rod", that is used in her attacks.


Note: The characters of Sailors Uranus and Neptune are the most changed from the original Japanese Sailor Moon. I am not that familiar with their Japanese histories and personalities, so I'm declining to comment on them. Just so you know, they aren't related. I encourage fans who want to find out to check a good Sailor Moon site (there are plenty of sites out there. If you can use a search engine, you're fine.)
Sailor Uranus

Amara Tenoh

Gee...if she didn't turn into a Sailor Scout, I bet the American editors would have made her a 'he'
English Name:Amara Tenoh
Japanese Name:Tenoh Haruka
Birthday:January 27
Height:5'8" (170 cm)
Blood Type:B
Hobbies:Driving, track and field, the piano
Favorite Color:Gold
Favorite Food:Salad
Least Favorite Food:Nato (fermented soy beans)
Favorite Subject:Gym
Least Favorite Subject:Modern Japanese
Goal:To be a world-class racing driver

Amara is a (very) tomboyish high school student. She wears her hair short, has a masculine style of dress, and looks so much like a guy that Serena went a bit ga-ga before she figured it out. (Shame, Serena, you're dating someone else.). Amara's hobbies include cars and running.

In the American-translated Sailor Moon, Amara and Michelle are cousins (I will not go into how STUPID that is. It's very obvious they are closer than cousins. But, I'll stop ranting now. Please see a good Sailor Moon site with information on the original series to find out why Amara and Michelle were changed so much.) They work together, regardless of which series you watch, have a very close relationship, and tend to be a bit dismissive(especially Sailor Uranus) of the Inner Sailor Scouts.

Amara discovered she was Sailor Uranus when a yoma (read: evil monster, not-too-tough) attacked someone at a racetrack. Michelle/Sailor Neptune tried to warn her of the responcibilities of accepting her powers, but Amara did anyways. She is characterized with an almost Machivellian desire to save the world, even if a few innocents are lost.

Sailor Uranus's element is Rock. As one of the Outer Sailor Scouts, she is a bit more powerful than your average Scout.


Note: The characters of Sailors Uranus and Neptune are the most changed from the original Japanese Sailor Moon. I am not that familiar with their Japanese histories and personalities, so I'm declining to comment on them. Just so you know, they aren't related. I encourage fans who want to find out to check a good Sailor Moon site (there are plenty of sites out there. If you can use a search engine, you're fine.)
Sailor Neptune

Michelle Kaioh

An artist, a musician, and a Sailor Scout: Man, she's gifted.
English Name:Michelle Kaioh
Japanese Name:Kaioh Michiru
Birthday:March 6
Height:5'4" (160 cm)
Blood Type:O
Hobbies:The violin, collecting cosmetics, swimming
Favorite Color:Marine blue
Favorite Food:Sashimi (meat strips)
Least Favorite Food:Kikurage (mushrooms)
Favorite Subject:Music
Least Favorite Subject:None
Goal:To be a concert violinist

Michelle is Amara's counterpoint. When Amara is a bit harsh, Michelle is sensitive. She is a talented artist and violinist. She also is an example of Weird Anime Biology (Rini is another one). I can accept Serena as a blonde living in a majority-Asian country; that happens. But, green-blue hair!? Pink hair?! Is there mutagens in the water or something?.(Note: The same thing can be said of Pokemon and Digimon. Well, at least in Tenchi, only the aliens have wierd-colored hair. That I can accept.)

Michelle is Sailor Neptune, whose element is Water. Like Sailor Uranus, she's stronger than your average Sailor Scout. She tends to have visions, which she often phrases (or sees, I can't tell) in oceanic metaphor ("The sea is troubled, cousin")


Sailor Saturn

Hotaru Tomoe

A sweet little girl...with the power to blow up the Earth.
English Name:Hotaru Tomoe
Japanese Name:Tomoe Hotaru
Birthday:January 6
Height:3'9" (113 cm)
Blood Type:AB
Hobbies:Reading, collecting lamps
Favorite Color:Purple
Favorite Food:Nihon Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)
Least Favorite Food:Milk
Favorite Subject:World History
Least Favorite Subject:Gym
Goal:To be a doctor

Hotaru is the youngest of the Sailor Scouts (excluding Rini), and the least seen on-screen. Interesting fact: Hotaru's name is the only one of the Scouts' names taken ,without even a spelling change, from the Japanese Sailor Moon (Raye and Amy have the same names, but they are spelled differently.). She is a quiet, young girl, with a nice disposition, but she is pretty weak physically. She meets and becomes best-friends with Rini.

However, their friendship runs into some problems. It seems Hotaru's dad effectivly 'sold his soul' in order to save her life when she was young. Unfortunatly, an evil being known as 'Mistress Nine' (a.k.a the Sovreign of Silence) took up cohabitation inside of Hotaru in the process. This is bad, especially since Mistress Nine would really like nothing better than to destroy the world.

Hotaru is Sailor Saturn, one of the most powerful Sailor Scouts, and the one with the worst reputation (Sailor Scout of Destruction, will cause the Appocalypse, that kind of stuff). Her element is Death (and Life). She also gets a neat 'Silence Glaive', that looks like it could do serious damage. Even in her mundane form, Hotaru can heal others, and Sailor Saturn can actually destroy a planet (not as useful as you'd think. She has to be on the planet in question.) Her power is used to save the world, but she dies in the process. However, Sailor Moon uses her own power to have Hotaru reborn.



Rini (short for Serena) Tsukino

Mini Moon? Mini Moon!?! Excuse me, I need to go make an Austin Powers joke.
English Name:Rini (presumably short for Serenity)
Japanese Name:Chibiusa (Tsukino Usagi)
Birthday:June 30
Blood Type:O
Hobbies:Collecting things with rabbits on them
Favorite Color:Red and pink
Favorite Food:Pudding
Least Favorite Food:Carrots
Favorite Subject:Drawing
Least Favorite Subject:Languages
Goal:To be 'just like Mommy'

Rini is a cute little pink-haired girl who 'fell from the sky' and uses a robotic ktty-ball (Luna P) to convince Serena's parents she's their niece. Well, it turns out Rini is actually Darien and Serena's daughter from the future, sent there to keep her safe and save the world.

Serena and Rini sometimes have problems getting along (Gee, and most kids love their parents until they're teenagers. Guess kids don't like their parents when they're teenagers.), but Rini absolutly loves Darien. This makes Serena a bit jeleaous until she finds out there's nothing to be jeleaous about (the whole daughter-from-the-future thing.)

Rini returns to the past during the next season. This time, her mother (read: Serena's future self) sent her back to learn how to be a Sailor Scout (and because she remembered having Rini around, but lets try to avoid the temporal paradoxes today.) She encourages Rini to make friends, and Rini meets Hotaru Tomoe, who becomes her best friend.

At one point in the series, Rini goes evil (as Wicked Lady), and under dark magic, grows up a bunch and starts dressing in black and flirting with Darien (*shudder* the last time I was that disturbed was when I read Oedipus Rex for English class!). Eventually, it's revealed that her memories were altered, and she remebers the truth and things are all peachy again.

Rini is Sailor Mini Moon, which is just an awful name and I really can't refrain from making bad jokes about it (Serena making the Dr. Evil guesture:"I shall call you...Mini-Moon). Sorry. Sailor Mini Moon (*snicker*) is a junior Sailor Scout, with the same element as Sailor Moon (the soul) and a few problems making her transformations and attacks work. Rini at one point also harbored the Imperium Silver Crystal, which enabled her and Serena to defeat the Doom Phantom.


Tuxedo Mask

Darien Shields

The (only) male hero of the series
English Name:Darien Shields
Japanese Name:Chiba Mamoru
Birthday:August 3
Height:6'2" (190 cm)
Blood Type:A
Hobbies:Reading, jogging
Favorite Color:Black
Favorite Food:Chocolate
Least Favorite Food:None
Favorite Subject:Physics
Least Favorite Subject:None
Goal:To be a scientist

Darien is the oldest of the heros. He is first introduced as a college student who teases Serena (he coined the term "meatball-head") and who she is especially fond of. However, Darien is also Tuxedo Mask, who Serena (as Sailor Moon) has a crush the size of the Moon on. Eventually, she figures out who he is, but then he's captured and brainwashed by the Negaverse, so she's pretty upset. For the rest of the season, he's kinda evil (limiting the possibility of a relationship), and for part of the next, his memory of being Tuxedo Mask is completely gone (which Serena has the hardest time accepting.). However, his subconcious knew the Scouts couldn't be left unprotected, so it created the Moonlight Knight, who looked exactly like Darien/Tuxedo Mask, except with a different costume. Once Darien's memory was restored (and all was right with the world), the Moonlight Knight faded into who-knows-where.

Darien is apparently pretty good-looking (he was a model at one point), and Raye had a crush on him, before the whole "Darien-is-Tuxedo-Mask" thing. He's currently dating Serena, and his daughter-from-the-future Rini is currently visiting, so I guess that works out.

As Tuxedo Mask, Darien dispenses advice and over-long moralizing speeches whenever the Sailor Scouts are in trouble. His signature attack and sure-fire attention-grabber is a thrown red rose (Pokemon makes fun of this by having James of Team Rocket at several points be holding a rose, and even throwing it, with a suction cup attached). He also has an 'extendo-cane' and a black cloak.

Darien is associated with the Earth (in his past life, he was Prince of the Earth and Serena was Princess of the Moon). So I guess, if he was a girl, he'd (or she'd. I don't know which one to use) be Sailor Earth. Ooh, there's a disturbing thoguht.