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I'm not as much of an expert on Tenchi as I'd like to be (so this part of my site will be a little sparse), but it is a excellent example of anime not targeted towards little kids. I'd say Tenchi is more of a teenage thing. Oh,yeah. It's soap opera meets space opera! :-)


Tenchi is another one of those 'ordinary' people, who isn't really. Seems the legend about a family ancestor imprisoning a demon 800 years ago wasn't a legend: the 'ancestor' was his grandfather (who looks pretty good for 800+) and the 'demon' is a very ticked off space pirate. Soon she is joined by 5 other extraterrestrial females, ranging from the most incompetent (and luckyiest) Galaxy Policewoman, to a brilliant (if eccentric) scientist. Add to that the fact at least 2 of them have crushes on Tenchi, and, as the cliche goes, comedy ensues.

Tenchi for Beginners

You know what? This show is really so character driven, and the characters are so diverse, I really can't think of any general principles to explain here. Oh, interesting thing. My friends and I (with our unique set of idioms) have developed the phrase 'Tenchi complex', defined as having one guy and a bunch of girls with crushes on him that won't leave him alone. Example: Link from "The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time". Come on, he has Zelda, Saria, Ruto, Malon...even Naboroo thought adult Link was cute.


  • Character Bios: Go here to read about Tenchi characters.
  • Tenchi RPG: Wow, now me and my friends can actually really play out who Tenchi will end up with (well, if we could get a guy to role-play Tenchi (it would be weird if one of us did it).