Becca's Adoptions

Hello, this is what you get when you give me an Ethernet connection (thus letting me go online easily and quickly). Meet my online menagerie... Oh, and guest curator is Melody, a character that refuses to die. Her comments are in red.
Testing, testing, one, two, three... Rebecca likes--
Ha ha, Melody. Let's get on with this.

Pocket Bishonen
Becca is a Bishonen trainer

What do you get when you cross cute guys and Pokemon? You get Pocket Bishonen, a site devoted to 'catching' your favorite anime guys.
That is so wrong in so many ways.
Shut up. Anyway, it's trivia based, and I love trivia. Here's my collection.
Satoshi/Ash KetchumBill WeaslyClow Reed
DMotomiya Daisuke/Davis MotomiyaDark Serge
Dimando/Prince DimondGlennHan Solo
HoujoIzumi Kuoshiro/Izzy IzumiKido Jou/Joe Kido
KarshKazumiIchijouji Ken/Ken Ichijouji
Kenji/Tracey SketchitKujaLink
Remus LupinChiba Mamoru/Darien ShieldsObi Wan Kenobi
Dark SchiederSergeShigeru/Gary Oak
ShingoSquall LeonheartSyaoran Li/Li Showron
Yagami Taichi/Tai KamiyaTakaishi Takeru/T.K. TakaishiTakeshi/Brock
Professor TomoeWallace/WillisIshida Yamato/Matt Ishida
YoshoYueZidane Tribal
Wow, Becca, you have no life. And aren't some of these guys a bit young for you... or old for you... or another species... and they're all not real.
They're just male characters I like, Meldoy. Don't read into it.
Sure, whatever...

Pocket Bishshoujo
Becca is A Bishoujo trainer

You know what, I realized all my little bishonen were looking a little lonely, so guess what? I got them some bishoujo to keep them company.
She's lost it. I'm afraid to be here with her. Someone call somebody.
You're just jealous.
Seven of NineAyekaAki Ross
Queen AmidalaAnn GrangerArukenimon
AsahinaGeneral BeatrixQueen Beryl
Black Lady/Wicked LadyBlossomBubbles
Buffy SummersCassidy/YamatoCatsy/Cooan
Rini/Chibi-UsaDoctor Beverly CrusherDeedlit
DelennDoris RummDuplica
Lt. Ezri DaxPrincess Garnet (Dagger)Guinan
Toliet HanakoHarleKari Kamiya/Yagami Hikari
ImpaSusan IvanovaLt. Comm. Jadzia Dax
Captain Kathryn JanewayOfficer JennyJessie
Lita Kino/Kino Makoto (Sailor Jupiter)KidLillymon
Raye Hino/Hino Rei (Sailor Mars)Meilin Rae/Li MeilinAmy Mizuno/Mizuno Ami (Sailor Mercury)
MihoshiMistress 9Misty/Kasumi
Serena Tsukino/Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon)NabooruMolly Baker/Naru
Ruby MoonRika/RukiPrincess Ruto
Princess SasamiHotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn)Sora Takenouchi
Comm. Deanna TroiLt. Nyota UhuraAmara Tenoh/Tenoh Haruka (Sailor Uranus)
Mina Aino/Aino Minako (Sailor Venus)Washu HibikiPrincess Zelda
 Sakura Avalon/Kinomoto Sakura
You're in college, right? Do you actually go to class, or do you just stuff the internet looking for things like this?
I go to class. I get good grades, too!

Digimon Minis
Aren't they cute!
Oh, yes. Small pictures of Digimon characters. Uh, huh.
Don't you have some homework, Melody?

Tai KamiyaMatt IshidaSora TakenouchiMimi TachikawaIzzy IzumiJoe Kido
Davis MotomiyaT.K. TakaishiKari KamiyaYolei InoueCody HidaKen Ichijouji
The Diigmon Emperor
Harry Potter Chibis
More mini madness!
She's insane. Who agrees with me? Can I see some hands? No? Darn... Anyway, what does Harry Potter have to do with anime?
Well, uh, Look over there! It's Tenchi!
Not funny, Becca
Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Neville Longbottom
Draco Malfoy
Fred and George Weasley
Those are the students. Better bring some teachers to keep them in line
Albus Dymbledore, Headmaster Severus Snape, Potions Teacher Minerva McGonagall, Transfigurations Teacher and Assistant Headmistress
Still don't see what this has to do with anime.
Nothing. Happy? Now, be quiet.
Hey, you asked me to be here.
And I regret it already.

Sundowner Chibis
Even more little cute figures.
Well, at least these are manga
In case you didn't know, Sundowner is an online manga by the very talented Kellilla Yarwood.
Shameless plug number one.

Madison Baskerville Rockheart Britania Astoria Ashtaroth Ocha Passiflora Miles Bedford Ashtaroth Piper Len Kimagure
Quidiar Yfandes Amberlith   Phis Lariod Gracyn Juniper
Please, Becca, lay off the minis/chibis.
I can stop any time I want...