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Several of the characters in Digimon Season 1 have full names (the names used in the Japanese version of Digimon) that are never mentioned except in the first episode, and nicknames used for the rest of the show. I will list those characters' real first name in parenthesis, and their most-used name either with or without quotes. When I list a Japanese name, I list family name first. I'm also going to note the few differences (when I know them) between Japanese and English Digimon names (Japanese Digimon names will be written like so: (jp. *name*)

Tai Kamiya and Agumon

Tai (Taichi) Kamiya

English Name:Taichi "Tai" Kamiya
Japanese Name:Yagami Taichi
Future Career:Ambassador
Digimon:Botamon (Baby)
 Koromon (In-Training)
 Agumon (Rookie)
 Greymon (Champion)
 MetalGreymon (Ultimate
 WarGreymon (Mega)

Tai's the leader of the first season Digidestined, and as such is bold, brave and courageous. Of course, at first he's also brash and overconfident. He loses some of the overconfidence and brashness as he matures.

Tai lives with his parents and his younger sister Kari. His mom is a bit fanatic about health food (see Digimon the Movie), but a nice person.

Tai had a bit of a rivalry with Matt in the beginning, but now they are best friends. Tai has at least sorta liked Sora ("That's Sora. She's okay...for a girl", exact quote from Episode 1) since the show started.

When not saving the world, Tai is a noted soccer player.

Agumon, Tai's Digimon, like most Digimon, serves as a balancing agent. Agumon is a relativly happy-go-lucky Digimon who tries to help Tai be a little less over-eager.


Matt Ishida and Gabumon

Matt (Yamato) Ishida

English Name:Yamato "Matt" Ishida
Japanese Name:Ishida Yamato
Future Career:Astronaut
Digimon:Tsunomon (In-Training)
 Gabumon (Rookie)
 Garurumon (Champion)
 WereGarurumon (Ultimate)
 MetalGarurumon (Mega)

Matt's this sort of cool kid, aloof and self-sufficient. Of course, when you have to work together, those are not necessarily good qualities, and Matt and Tai often conflicted on what the group should do next.

Like Tai, Matt has a younger sibling (well, technically Matt has a half-sibling). However, their parents are separated and Matt lives with his dad and T.K. lives with his mom. Matt tries to be an older brother figure to T.K., but was sometimes not sure how.

Matt is a budding musician. In the first season, he is often seen playing a harmonica. Four years later, he is a guitaurist in a rock band. Go figure.

Gabumon, Matt's Digimon, tries to remind Matt to interact more with the others, and is generally more social than Matt was at first.


Sora Takenouchi and Biyomon

Sora Takenouchi

English Name:Sora Takenouchi
Japanese Name:Takenouchi Sora
Future Career:Fashion Designer
Digimon:Yokomon (In-Training) (jp. Pyokomon)
 Biyomon (Rookie) (jp. Piyomon)
 Birdramon (Champion)
 Garudamon (Ultimate)

Sora's a tomboyish girl who is the same age as Taiand Matt. She tends to be the one who looks out for the other kids, and is a heck of a lot more mature than either Tai or Matt.

Oh, speaking of Tai and Matt, there seems to be a bit of a triangle between Sora, Tai and Matt (first it's like she's sorta dating Tai, then she's sorta dating Matt. Ah, teenagers.)

In the real world, Sora's dad is a professor who travels a lot, and Sora and her mom didn't get along well. A little perspective (and a trip to the Digital World) changed all that, and Sora gets along with her folks beautifully now.

Biyomon, Sora's Digimon, tries to ge Sora to be a little less serious at times. As I said earlier, Digimon tend to counteract flaws in the Digidestined's character (Tai's overconfidence, Sora's seriousness)


Mimi Tachikawa and Palmon

Mimi Tachikawa

English Name:Mimi Tachikawa
Japanese Name:Tachikawa Mimi
Crest:Sincerity (jp. Purity)
Future Career:Host of a cooking show
Digimon:Tanemon (In-Training)
 Palmon (Rookie)
 Togemon (Champion)
 Lillymon (Ultimate)

Mimi is one of the younger Digidestined, both in age and in maturity. Mimi has a few problems dealing with the whole "you hafta save the world" thing, but eventually she realizes only she can do this. She tends to be a bit self-centered and a bit naive, but she is honest (sometimes to the point of bluntness)

Four years later, during Season 2, Mimi is older, more mature and a model in New York. She appears to be quite happy there.

Palmon, Mimi's Digimon, helps Mimi become a little less self-absorbed. Their bond is so close that, at the end of the first season, before any of the characters knew they'd be coming back, Palmon refused to watch Mimi leave, and nearly missed saying goodbye.


Izzy Izumi and Tentomon

"Izzy" (Koushiro) Izumi

English Name:Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi
Japanese Name:Izumi Koushiro
Future Career:Scientist
Digimon:Pabumon (Baby)
 Motimon (In-Training)
 Tentomon (Rookie)
 Kabuterimon (Champion)
 MegaKabuterimon (Ultimate)

Izzy is the computer nerd of the group (he brought his lap-top to summer camp. And this kid's 10 for crying out loud!). He always has a theory about everything (it could be off-the-wall, but, hey, it's a theory). Even in the second season, he's a source of information.

Izzy is adopted. His birth parents were in a car accident, leaving him to be raised by his adopted family. Of course, Izzy didn't find out about this until he heard his parents talking. He later tells his parents that he thinks of them as his real parents (Awwww...)

Tentomon is Izzy's Digimon. He's just as intelligent as Izzy, and often has a witty remark.


Joe Kido and Gomamon

Joe Kido

English Name:Joe Kido
Japanese Name:Kido Jyou
Crest:Reliability (For the Japanese equivalent, I've seen Faith and Honesty)
Future Career:Doctor
Digimon:Bukamon (In-Training)
 Gomamon (Rookie)
 Ikkakumon (Champion)
 Zudomon (Ultimate)

Joe's the serious one. While sometimes this is a good thing, other times it tends to come out as pessimism and hypochondria. Joe's also the oldest of the Digidestined and another very intelligent person.

Joe wants to be a doctor, so he studies hard and tried to learn to be less squemish. He was following in the footsteps of his older brother Jim, who has since switched his major from pre-med to folklore.

Gomamon is Joe's Digimon, and the most light-hearted Digimon I've ever seen.


T.K. Takaishi and Patamon

T. K. (Takeru) Takaishi

English Name:Takeru "TK" Takaishi
Japanese Name:Takaishi Takeru
Future Career:Novelist
Digimon:Poyomon (Baby)
 Tokomon (In-Training)
 Patamon (Rookie)
 Angemon (Champion)
 Pegasusmon (Armor)
 MagnaAngemon (Ultimate) (I know this one is different in Japan, but I don't know it off the top of my head)
 Shakkoumon (DNA)
 Seraphymon/Seraphimon (The movie and the card game spell them differently) (Mega)

T. K. is probably the Digidestined with the most screen time: he features majorly in both seasons of the show. In the first season, T. K. is a little 8-year old, who has the obvious reaction to being stuck somewhere new. He handles himself quite well, though, and was usually one of the more optimistic ones of the group.

In the second season, T.K. has matured a lot. He's a pretty even-tempered guy. He's still friends with Kari from 3 years ago, and has a bit of a rivalry with Davis. He has a better relationship with his brother, Matt, thanks to their first trip through the Digital World.

Patamon is T.K.'s Digimon, and he's a cute little optimist who is pretty smart, too. Patamon was the last (of the original 8 Digimon) to Digivolve to Champion and Ultimate forms, and they are rarly seen in the first season. Patamon also was the first Digimon that died. Though Digimon are reborn, none of the Digidestined, especcially not T.K., knew this at the time. Threats to Digimon in general, and Patamon in particular are one of the few things that crack T.K.'s cool.


Kari Kamiya and Gatomon

Kari Kamiya

English Name:Kari Kamiya
Japanese Name:Yagami Hikari
Future Career:Kindergarten Teacher
Digimon:Nyaromon (In-Training)
 Salamon (Rookie) (jp. Plotmon)
 Gatomon (Champion) (jp. Tailmon)
 Nefertimon (Armor)
 Angewomon (Ultimate)
 Slyphimon (DNA)
 Magnadramon (Mega) (I know this one is different in Japan, but I don't know it off the top of my head)

Kari is Tai's little sister. She was not at the summer camp with the other 7 Digidestined due to a cold. Thus, she didn't enter the Digital World with the others. However, the evil Digimon, Myotismon, knew there were 8 Digidestined and went to Earth to find Kari. Rather that have Myotismon hurt her friends, Kari gave herself up. Luckily, the other Digidestined rescued her.

Kari is very quiet in the first season. A question asked to her would just as likly get a whistle than a responce.

Three years later, Kari is more outgoing and talkative, but she still tends to hide her feelings. She and Ken are the only ones who have been to a world known as the "dark ocean", a place where negative thoughts can grow, though Kari didn't sucumb to it.

Kari is close friends with T.K., because of knowing him three years ago, and is developing a friendship with Yolei, the other female Digidestined about her age.

Gatomon, Kari's Digimon, is special in many ways. For one, she is the only Digimon that regularly wanders around as a Champion Digimon. This was because her egg was lost when the Digidestineds' Digimon were being raised. She grew up alone, then fell under the clutches of Myotismon. She didn't remember anything until she came into contact with Kari and her Digivice. Gatomon is one of the more self-sufficient and tougher Digimon. She also gets along with Kari very well, and spends a lot of time with Patamon.


Davis Motomiya and Veemon

Davis Motomiya

English Name:Davis Motomiya
Japanese Name:Motomiya Daisuke
Digi-Eggs:Courage, Friendship, Miracles
Future Career:Owner of a noodle business
Digimon:Chibomon (Baby) (I know this one is different in Japan, but I don't know it off the top of my head)
 DemiVeemon (In-Training) (jp. Chibimon)
 Veemon (Rookie)
 ExVeemon (Champion)
 Flamdramon (Armor, Courage)
 Raidramon (Armor, Friendship)
 Magnamon (Armor, Miracles)
 Paildramon (DNA)
 Imperialdramon (Mega)

Davis is the leader of the Season 2 Digidestined, and has all of Tai and Matt's worse qualities. He's reckless, stubborn, petty and sometimes a bit obnoxious. Still, I have no doubt he'll learn (soon or later.)

Davis lives with his parents and sister, June. His older sister has a big crush on Matt, making her a bit of a pest when the Digidestined want to go into the Digital World. Later she develops a crush on Joe's older brother Jim.

Like Tai, Davis is a big soccer player. He really looks up to Tai and Matt, and was thrilled when Tai gave him his signature goggles. As for the new Digidestined, Davis has a major crush on Kari and is somewhat jealous of T.K.'s friendship with her. Davis is also the first of the Digidestined to reach out to Ken after that whole Digimon Emperor bit.

Veemon, Davis's Digimon, is just as stubborn as Davis is: about the only thing he uses his head for is his attack.


Yolei Inoue and Hawkmon

Yolei Inoue

English Name:Yolei Inoue
Japanese Name:Inoue Miyako
Digi-Eggs:Love, Sincerity
Future Career:apparently Homemaker
Digimon:Parurumon (Baby)
 Poromon (In-Training)
 Hawkmon (Rookie)
 Aquilamon (Champion)
 Halsemon (Armor, Love)
 Shurimon (Armor, Sincerity)
 Sylphimon (DNA)

Yolei is the new female Digidestined, and the new techie of the group. She is the one who usually opens the gate to the Digital World, and handles technical details. The group still goes to Izzy for major things, though. In fact, Yolei had a bit of a crush on Izzy in the first part of the series (Not a big one. You see some of Yolei's major crushes later on.).

Yolei is friends with Kari, lives in the same apartment building as T.K. and Cody, and tends to get mad at Davis alot.

Yolei has a tendency to speak her mind, and a bit of a short temper (microscopic when Davis is concerned). However, she doesn't want to see anyone hurt. Right before the battle with the Digimon Emperor (a.k.a. evil Ken), Hawkmon was injured and Yolei began having serious second thoughts. After a talk with Kari, though, she was ready to continue.

Yolei is the youngest child in her family. She has two older sisters, and one older brother (Yes, they have names... I just don't know them).

Hawkmon, Yolei's Digimon, is a rather serious type. He tries to prevent Yolei from doing anything rash.


Cody Hida and Armadillomon

Cody Hida

English Name:Cody Hida
Japanese Name:Hida Iori
Digi-Eggs:Knowledge, Reliability
Future Career:Defense Attorney
Digimon:Tsubomon (Baby)
 Upamon (In-Training)
 Armadillomon (Rookie) (jp. Armadimon)
 Ankylomon (Champion)
 Digmon (Armor, Knowledge)
 Submarimon (Armor, Reliability)
 Shakkoumon (DNA)

Cody is the youngest Digidestined, and, oddly enough, the most sensible. He is sort of quiet and softspoken, but dependable. He tends to ask a lot of questions. One of his flaws is that he is somewhat stubborn: when Ken was asked to join the group, Cody was slow to accept him as one of the good guys.

Cody lives with his mother and grandfather. His father died several years ago. He practices kendo (a form of martial arts, using a wooden training sword, or bokken) with his grandfather, who is also his main source of advice.

Armadillomon is Cody's Digimon. He's a rather relaxed and amiable sort of Digimon, who tries to get Cody to be a little less serious.


Ken Ichijouji, the Digimon Emperor and Wormmon

Ken Ichijouji

English Name:Ken Ichijouji (aka the Digimon Emperor)
Japanese Name:Ichijouji Ken (Digimon Kaizer)
Future Career:Detective
 Minomon (In-Training)
 Wormmon (Rookie)
 Stingmon (Champion)
 Paildramon (DNA)
 Imperialdramon (Mega)

Ken almost seems like two different characters. In the beginning of Season 2, he's the ruthless Digimon Emperor, out to conquer and enslave the Digital World. He's just the type of flamboyant, arrogant evil villain that we love to hate. His justification for all of this is that he doesn't realize the Digital World has a reality outside his computer. However, after he tries his hand at creating a Digimon, the out-of-control Kimeramon, sees the In-Training forms of the other Digidestined's Digimon (something he saw last at Davis's soccer game), and has his own Digimon, Wormmon, give up his life to save Ken from Kimeramon; Ken realizes his major errors and goes though a major personality change.

See, the real Ken is not much like the Digimon Emperor. An evil force (I'm not naming names. It's a plot point.) manipulated him to be evil so he'd put up Control Spires all over the digital countryside. The real Ken is a kind of quiet, introspective kind of guy. He has a bit of a guilt complex because of his prior actions of the Digital World. He's trying his hardest to make up for all the awful things he (as the Digimon Emperor) did. He was resistant to joining up with the other Digidestined because he didn't feel welcome after what he did. Davis tried to get him to join as soon as he saw 'good' Ken, but the other Digidestined (especially Cody) were reluctant to let him until he'd proven that he had changed.

Ken lives with his parents. He also had a older brother, Sam, who died. Ken felt a lot of pressure to live up to Sam's shadow. After Ken disappeared for a period (he wanted to devote all of his time into conquering the Digital World) and came back in a real mental state, his parents were more accepting of him.

Ken is the genius of the group, though he doesn't often show it. He's actually quite famous for it, as well as being a star soccer player. Izzy seems like he's trying to strike up a friendship with Ken in some of the more recent episodes.

Wormmon is Ken's Digimon. When Ken is the Digimon Emperor, Wormmon is his loyal hench-mon. Though, as Ken goes more power-hungry and less pleasant to him, Wormmon starts aiding the other Digidestined, to save Ken from himself. This culminates in Wormmon giving up the last of his energy to destroy Kimeramon. As is standard for Digimon, Wormmon is reborn in Primary Village, and rejoins a 'reborn' Ken. Wormmon then devotes his time to making sure Ken is okay, and trying to get him to work with the others and not feel so darn guilty.


Willis with Terriermon


English Name:Willis
Japanese Name:Wallace
Digi-Eggs:Destiny (jp. Fate)
Digimon:???/Kokomon (In-Training)
 Terriermon/Lopmon (Rookie)
 Gargomon/Wedigomon (Champion)
 Rapidmon (Armor, Destiny)

Willis is only in the Digimon Movie, and is also one of the first non-Japanese Digidestined. He's kind of a self-sufficient person, almost to the extreme of stand-offishness

Willis is unusual in several ways. First of all, he has two Digimon, Lopmon and Terriermon. Second of all, he's never, to my knowledge, been to the Digital World. Add to that he was taking university computer courses in elementary school and you get one weird kid.

Willis was a rather lonely kid, despite having two Digimon, so he decided to create more on his computer. This turned out awful when a virus infected his program and nearly blew him (and the other eight Digidestined) to smithereens with nuclear missiles. Unfortunately, the virus also affected Lopmon, corrupting his data. When Willis and the Season 2 Digidestined (T.K. and Kari met Willis in New York while visiting Mimi), attempted to destroy the virus, Lopmon was killed as well (making Willis the third kid to lose a Digimon). Luckly, at the end of the movie, Lopmon was reborn (sorry about spoiling it, but it had to be done).Terriermon is a rather friendly sort of Digimon, who tries to get Willis to let the other Digidestined to help him. Unfortunately, we never get a feel for Lopmon's personality, as he's infected by a virus for the majority of his screen time.



Okay, Michael's an American Digidestined who has, maybe, three episodes to his credit. He's Mimi's friend from New York. He seems like a nice enough guy. His dad's a movie star who can apparently fly a plane. His Digimon is Betamon, who Digivolves to Seadramon. That's about it.


Other Digidestined

This section lists any and all Digidestined that get named during the course of the show. Those that are shown but not named aren't mentioned, because I really don't have that much time on my hands.
Phil (jp. Sam)New York???Flarizamon
SteveNew York???Frigimon
TatumNew York???Airdramon
LouNew York???Tortomon
MariaNew York???Cetarumon
The Poi brothers (3)Hong KongSyakomonOctomon
Derrick (jp. Dingo)SydneyCrabmonCoelmon
Rosa (jp. Chicos)Mexico CityGotsumonMonocromon
Sonja (jp. Lola)Moscow???Snimon